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Blooms Branches Garden Center Nursery Wilmington NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! We offer physical gift cards available for purchase in store or over the phone. Please note - if you order over the phone, we will keep the gift card securely in store for in-person pickup. 


Can I request a specific plant variety?

You can make plant requests via our contact form. While we can’t guarantee we are able to source specific varieties, we will try our best to find what you’re looking for.


Do you offer delivery or installation services?

Depending on schedule, we are able to deliver larger orders within the Wilmington vicinity for a fee. We also take on some installation projects. Please reach out with details for more info.


Do you offer landscaping services?

While we don’t offer traditional landscaping services, we are happy to help you with in-store plant selections that will work for your yard, patio, etc. Bringing photos of your space and an idea of what you are looking for is always helpful. 


Can you repot my plant?

Yes! You can bring your plant in to be repotted for the cost of material and labor. Cost is determined by size and what is needed to rework the plant.


Help! My plant is sick. Can you diagnose?

We try our best to troubleshoot any issue ailing your plants. If possible, bring clear photos or a trimming of the affected area - sealed in a bag, please. This is dependent on the time we have in store. The Arboretum nearby is a great source in diagnosing issues as well.


Do you have a guarantee or accept returns?

We guarantee that the plant you are purchasing is in good health and true to type. If there are immediate issues that arise, please contact us asap so we can address the problem. If you’ve purchased something that doesn’t work out and would like to return or exchange, we are usually able to accommodate this if the request is made within 24 hours and if the plant is still in the original container.


Are you hiring?

We sometimes have seasonal positions available. Please send employment inquiries with resume and pertinent info to

Still have questions?

Contact us!

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